Put yourself in your attacker’s shoes

Annual penetration tests are obsolete in a continuously changing world.

Continuously run penetration tests and red team exercises against your applications.

Constant protection with persistent red teaming

Our team of Certified Offensive Security Engineers continuously monitor and execute exploits against your applications to give you peace of mind.

  • Dedicated expert Red Team
  • Continuous threat modeling
  • Automated Red Teaming
  • Built-in defensive release management
  • Alert, flag, or block releases on threats
A 4-step circular cycle in this order: 1. Build, 2. Read Team, 3. Release, 4. Commit. Step #4 goes back to Step #1.

24/7 availability to ensure peace of mind

Do you feel your systems are compromised or under attack?

Our security experts are available 24/7 and ready to help you navigate the situation. Easily schedule meetings with your security team for rapid response and peace of mind.

Contiuous Red Teaming

Integrate Red Team exercises as part of your software build and release process.

Leverage SafeOps' automated security testing engine to profile your applications for continuous testing around the clock.

SafeOps seamlessly works with your stack in minutes

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