Unified security for modern engineering teams

Consolidate your Application, Network, Infrastructure and Source code security findings under a centralized DevSecOps platform to streamline your threat response and compliance reporting.

Easily mitigate security, compliance and software licensing violations in source code, containers, clouds, applications and everything in between.

SafeOps seamlessly works with your stack in minutes

Embed DevSecOps in your product DNA

Implement continuous security as part of your development lifecycle to release fast with confidence.

From IDE to user experience, our platform will help you meet continuous delivery demands of integrated security every step of the way.

Real time security analysis of your source code, cloud deployments, Infrastructure as Code and applications. 

A SafeOps dashboard showing an AWS security score and AWS-specific monitoring information.

Streamline compliance reporting

No one likes compliance reporting, but it’s as necessary as it is tedious. Our platform provides built-in templates right out of the box to satisfy your customers, auditors and security teams with instant reports. 

A single source of truth of your compliance standards and escalates when things go out of compliance. 

4 Logos shown for HIPAA, GDPR, SOC II, and PCI compliance.

Put yourself in your attacker’s shoes

Don’t wait for a scheduled penetration test to know what hackers know about your business: build continuous penetration testing as part of your development lifecycle.

Our modern approach to penetration testing continuously test your applications against threats allowing you to proactively mitigate risks before its too late.

  • Dedicated expert Red Team
  • Continuous threat modeling
  • Continuous Penetration Testing
A 4-step circular cycle in this order: 1. Build, 2. Read Team, 3. Release, 4. Commit. Step #4 goes back to Step #1.

Secure continuous delivery

SafeOps natively integrates with common CI/CD systems to scan and report security and compliance violations across the application stack.

SafeOps intelligent security analysis is a critical step for every release to understand potential threats. From source code to infrastructure changes - SafeOps keeps an eye on every release

A figure-8 diagram showing SafeOps in the middle of the "Development" and "Release" build cycle.

How it works

Getting set up with SafeOps is a simple


Connect source code

Get up and running with just few clicks. SafeOps integrates with SCM's natively.


Integrate CI/CD

Effortless integration with common CI/CD solutions.


Connect your app

Tell us a bit about your app and define scope for testing.

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Our Customers Love Us

"SafeOps Platform and team identified some of the biggest shortcomings in our application security posture within days that we never knew existed - Despite having a pen testing and security program in place for many years."

Brian Canning
CTO, StudySync

"SafeOps helps us maintain a proactive security mindset against threats in the cryptocurrency space."

Rosh Singh
CTO, Quadency
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